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Sista 05

Behind The Scenes On Lesbian Porn Set

Duration: 20m, 40s, Starring Anna, Mahogany

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Black bitches Anna and Mahogany get it on in this behind-the-scenes look at how a porn movie is made. It's ostensibly a western scene, with the two black babes dressed in cut-off denims and kissing next to a bright red pickup truck. However, the camera pans back and you get to see the rest of the set and the crew standing around - you'd never think that there were so many people standing on a porn set! These girls are fucking hot, and even the joking around with the director as he gives them instructions on what he wants them to do doesn't detract from their hotness. The girls kiss and finger, even licking each others' wet slits.

Two Black Lesbians One Big Dildo

Duration: 19m, 10s, Starring Domonique Simone, Monique

(3 Votes)

Dominique is excited to work with cutie Monique and doesn't need the pep talk the director gives them. They waste no time at all and start kissing and removing layer after layer of clothing. Dominique takes control heating up the room by pulling Monique's ass down onto her face so she can lick her sweet snatch. After sixty nining each other the director tosses in a double headed dildo for them to share. They each take an end and use their mouths to lube it up and slide deep inside each of their pussy's at the same time.

Two Nubian Hotties Ride a Dildo

Duration: 20m, 15s, Starring Anna, Chastity

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The make up is finished and the cameras are rolling but the girls seem less enthused to get started. They quickly perk up when they are given a double headed dildo to play with. Anna and Chastity get off to a slow intimate start, as they get more and more aroused the scene heats up. They take turns licking their trimmed snatches making them get wetter and wetter. With a little lube worked onto the shaft they ease the dildo into their pussy's and twist and turn it like a drill making the juices flow out of the warm wet hole.

Midori And Felecia Are Sexy Lesbians

Duration: 19m, 48s, Starring Felecia, Midori

(6 Votes)

Sexy black bitch Midori and pretty brunette Felecia sit together on the couch and start to run their hands over one anothers tight bodies. They help each other undress and Felecia sucks on Midori's hard nipples. The girls lay on the floor and share a huge double-donged dildo, each of them rubbing their erect clits as they thrust against each other. Felicia settles between Midori's legs and eats out her wet pussy, and they sit opposite each other and fuck themselves with vibrators. These sexy sluts don't need men to get off!

Five Sisters Have Lesbian Orgy

Duration: 27m, 37s, Starring Domonique Simone, Felecia, Mahogany, Midori, Monique

(3 Votes)

When a group of lesbian ebony babes get together there is no hesitation, they start going at each other right away, stripping off their clothes and licking each other all over. Their sexy bodies range in hues from dark chocolate to creamy caramel and their smooth skin looks delicious. With porn on in the background the girls eat juicy snatch, drowning in the warmth between their legs. The strap ons and dildos need to come out in the end to bring the girls over the edge and make them all orgasm.

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