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Teacher's Weekend Vacation

Horny Vintage Babe Cock Sucking

Duration: 8m, 30s, Starring Carol Conners, Mark Harding

(5 Votes)

Carol Conners is a mild mannered teacher by day, but by night she is just out of control and loving every minute of it. Whenever she gets some time alone she starts going wild on Mark Harding, stuffing his cock down her throat and getting so worked up as she rams it down that you'd think she just won the grand dick sucking prize. She works herself all along that shaft, making sure to get every last sensitive bit. Once she's covered that she goes ahead and starts putting her pussy in his face for some hot 69 action.

Naughty Vintage Teachers Filled in Holes

Duration: 10m, Starring Barb Blanchard, Lucy Loose, Stacey Barbwyck, Frank Burns, Larry Dallas

(2 Votes)

Lucy Loose, Stacey Barbwyck and Barb Blanchard are not being the sweet, innocent teachers that they're supposed to be. Instead they're doing everything that they can to get put right on the naughty list. First things first - they just have to have an orgy. Larry Dallas and Frank Burns are brought along for the ride, and soon everyone is putting their dick in the closest hole and having a grand old time. The amount of hairy pussy is sure to please all of you hirsute lovers and the sexual energy is out of this world.

Vintage Porn Teacher Gets Rimjob

Duration: 6m, 28s, Starring Christine Coxxe, Junior Farmer

(5 Votes)

Christine Coxxe is a naughty girl who has some rather racy secrets, especially when it comes to the type of things that she enjoys in the sack. One particularly naughty thing that she likes to do is get her ass rimmed by Junior Farmer. Now that's not the type of thing you're going to see all that often in vintage porn. In fact this is one of the few videos that you can check out some raw and wild rimjob action. There's also plenty of pussy licking and fun positions as this flexible teacher gets herself into some crazy twists.

Horny Vintage Porn Teacher in 69

Duration: 12m, 25s, Starring Carol Conners, Mark Harding

(3 Votes)

Carol Conners is a cute vintage schoolteacher by day, but by night she is a wild, horny harlot who wants nothing more than to 69 Mark Harding. They get their chance when they finally get a moment's privacy to themselves. Carol is getting her pussy all up in Mark's face, her bushy pussy getting him so worked up that he wants to fuck her right away. She gets him to hold off with all sorts of naughty promises, and before long he is slamming the hell out of that sweet, vintage hairy pussy and loving every second.

Naughty Vintage Harlots in Orgy

Duration: 13m, 42s, Starring Barb Blanchard, Lucy Loose, Stacey Barbwyck, Frank Burns, Larry Dallas

(1 Vote)

Vintage porn had plenty of orgies, although only a few videos showing the wild amount of group sex actually made it until today. This one features Lucy Loose, Stacey Barbwyck, Barb Blanchard, Larry Dallas and Frank Burns. They're having a naked party and it's no surprise to anyone that it gets completely, wildly, and hotly out of hand. Once this party starts up everyone gets a piece of everyone else, and it's a free for all in this wild and free orgy. You just know that the sexual passion is through the roof with this group.

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