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The All Anal Adventure

Lusty Vintage Porn Beauty in Anal Fuck

Duration: 6m, 21s, Starring Lucy, Kelso, Lamont

(1 Vote)

Lucy is a horny vintage girl that made this video in the 30s or 40s. That's right, this is a decades old porn video that is truly going to blow your mind. Once this vintage girl gets started with Lamont she is going to find out that he has some pretty hardcore plans for her. Instead of just wanting to plunge his dick deep inside of her vastly hairy pussy, instead he's going ahead and pounding away at her asshole. His wandering hands twine deep inside her pussy muff and he pulls her down further and further on that dick.

Hot Vintage Babe Fucks Dirty Old Man

Duration: 3m, 9s, Starring Patty, Old Man Marley

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I don't know how these old dudes manage to get such hot pussy, but Old Man Marley gets a chance to bang this hot ass chick named Patty. Not only does he get this total vintage babe on his cock, he makes sure to stick his dick right up her ass too. This old guy has got some great game and doing it back in the olden days of porn is even more impressive. Once this naughty babe gets really started she just rides on top of his dick and lets it slide all the way inside of her super tight and gorgeous asshole.

Cute Vintage Porn Housewife Wants Anal

Duration: 7m, 8s, Starring Carrie, Carnie Bob

(Not Rated)

Carrie might seem like a sweet, demure vintage housewife but she actually just goes fucking wild for some good old fashioned anal fucking. Carnie Bob is certainly willing to oblige her depraved need and goes about his business, slamming that dick in nice and deep and making Carrie go for the pillow biting. She fucking loves getting herself worked up at the thought of that big dick slowly sliding into her ass, and she pushes her booty up in the air even more to invite him deeper and deeper into her chocolate starfish.

Horny Vintage Babe Takes Anal Fuck

Duration: 11m, 6s, Starring Josie, Ned

(Not Rated)

If there's one thing that's really attractive about anal porn, it's the way that the ladies really throw themselves into the fucking. They've been repressed for so long that they just want to go ahead and take a pounding in front of the camera so they have a big smile on their face. This gets even hotter when the ladies are in the mood for some truly intense anal fucking, like Josie is. Her hairy pussy is pointed up at the air and she moans as Ned slams his dick deep inside of that wonderfully tight ass of hers.

intage Porn Babe Loving Anal Fuck

Duration: 9m, 1s, Starring Fran, Chaz

(Not Rated)

Fran is a lusty anal dame who is absolutely obsessed with dick - and that's just the way Chaz likes them. She starts things off by giving him a lusty blowjob to get him nice and hard. Before long she is just slamming her head down on that cock, making sure that he's just getting the best head that he's ever wanted. She starts licking his precum off of that cock but he pulls it away from her hungry lips. Down he goes, spooning up behind her and spreading her ass cheeks a little bit. He slides that dick deep inside her hungry asshole and goes to town.

Vintage Amateurs in Hot Anal Threesome

Duration: 9m, 31s, Starring Heather, Yancy

(Not Rated)

Anal sex and threesomes don't come up a lot in vintage porn, mostly because these girls feel like they're being naughty enough just getting on the camera to fuck. Thankfully as the years got closer to the 60s you started to see a lot more group sex action. These lovely ladies are in the mood not just for a threesome, but for a threesome that has their asses getting anally pounded until they can barely stand. There's nothing hotter than watching these hotties go at it, especially with the way their tight asses look.

Yummy Blond Coed Takes On Three Big Guys

Duration: 8m, 59s, Starring Jamie, Mike, Vince

(1 Vote)

A gorgeous little blond coed takes on three massive cocks in this mock vintage scene. Although the film stock is grainy and somewhat blurred, in the fashion of a true vintage clip, you can tell by the props in the background that this was made somewhat more recently than it first appears. The blond slut is stunning, in a tiny mock schoolgirl uniform that allows you to get a good glimpse of her tight ass and massive natural tits. She's a real whore, taking to the three men like she was born to do nothing more than to suck and fuck big cocks! These guys get the ride of their lives out of this tight whore - she gets coated in cum!

Vintage Porn Anal MMF Threesome

Duration: 5m, 49s, Starring Verona, Lars, Mark

(Not Rated)

Anal fucking and a MMF threesome combined in a vintage porn package? Now that's a pretty rare combination, but it's also going to be an incredibly hot one. Verona is a lusty amateur that wants her sweet holes filled to the brim by Mark and Lars, and they're going all out and gunning for her ass. She has such a perfectly shaped ass that you really have to work to keep your eyes off of it. There's nothing like seeing that apple bottom bouncing up and down as a dick is slamming into it mercilessly. Now that's real vintage porn.

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