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The Millionairess

Slutty Heiress Bent Over and Fucked

Duration: 11m, Starring Leslie, Black Tom Cassidey

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This classic porn heiress is as naughty as they come, and she can't restrain herself no matter what the punishment is. Leslie finds herself in jail but that doesn't put a stop to her partying style - in fact it just gives her a new crop of guys to get pounded by. She'll take more than enough advantage of this over the course of her prison stay, but she makes sure to put all of her attention on Black Tom Cassidey to start out with. She just can't resist a guy as lusty as she is, especially when she gets out his big hard dick.

Busty Bad Girl in Classic Prison Sex

Duration: 13m, 57s, Starring Leslie, Mahoney

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Leslie might be a high class girl any other time, but today she's getting stuck in jail but she's not going to take it quietly. Instead she starts off by seducing Mahoney, the closest guard she can reach. With her massive titties it doesn't take her long at all to start the seduction, and she loves showing off her gorgeous body so having the open prison cell excites her far more than you would expect. She ends up riding on top of that dick, making sure to slap her pussy down and getting the hair all wet and messy with his cum.

Two White Sluts Please Long Black Cock

Duration: 11m, 25s, Starring Charlotte, Leslie, Luke Kage

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Here we have a seventies classic. Black stud fucking white chick. Starting with a blow job she swallows his dick and soon it is as hard as steel. Kneeling in front of him she sucks and licks his swollen sword. Her turn for pleasure he goes down on her snatch and licks her clit and probes her womanhood with his finger. Gyrating to increase her pleasure she moans when its just right. Using his cock he pushes past her pussy lips and pounds her hard and slow. A second chick shows up and she gets much of the same. Cunt liking and cock sucking galore.

Big Tit Classic Porn Babe On Reporter

Duration: 5m, 7s, Starring Leslie, Black Tom Cassidey

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Leslie has a smoking hot pair of tits and the type of sex drive that is going to make any man happy - especially Black Tom Cassidey. She nearly launches herself at that dick, making sure to get it all the way down her throat inch by hot inch. She is a master cocksucker and has him harder than a rock almost as soon as she pops him in her mouth. Up and down she goes, her massive tits bouncing with almost every last motion of her body. She loves to get him right on the edge of orgasm then tone it down a bit, teasing him like a motherfucker.

High Class Classic Porn Whore

Duration: 6m, 56s, Starring Nadia, Mahoney

(Not Rated)

There are some rich bitches that also have a very naughty side to them, and Nadia is one of these ladies. She is rather lusty and in the mood for some fun, although she is elegant enough to keep her white gloves on the entire time. She has poor Mahoney so worked up that you would think he's going to just explode right there and then. She works her gloved hands all over his body, making sure to keep him so hot and bothered that it's a wonder he didn't go fucking crazy when she finally slid her pussy down on top of his dick.

Hot Classic Porn Threesome Action

Duration: 9m, 22s, Starring Leslie, Nadia, Mahoney

(Not Rated)

Classic porn threesomes are quite possibly some of the hottest threesomes in the world due to the extreme sexual tension and chemistry between all 3 people. This is the kind of thing that you're absolutely not supposed to be doing in that day and age, and Leslie and Nadia could care less. Instead they're going to go ahead and open their mouths wide to take on that juicy cock, making sure to get a taste of that. They also spend plenty of time face planted in pussy, working their tongues around those hairy holes.

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