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Herschel Gets A Steamy Threeway Blowjob

Duration: 15m, 2s, Starring Hillary Summers, Jody Maxwell, Lysa Thatcher, Herschel Savage

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In this brilliant foursome clip, a much younger version of well known porn stud Herschel Savage gets it on with not one, not two but three extremely hot and horny sluts! At first Herschel sits back, gleefully exposing his massive cock to the appreciative murmurs of these three horny harlots. The girls all go down on him orally, sharing the dick in an excellent three-way blowjob that will have your own prick rock hard! The girls lick the cock extensively, tickling the shaft with the tips of their tongues as well as jerking and deepthroating the dick. One of the sluts even rides the cock with her ass hole, her hairy cunt fully on display!

Intense Orgy In This Sci-Fi Porn Movie

Duration: 7m, 41s, Starring Hillary Summers, Jody Maxwell, Lysa Thatcher, Robin Sane, George Payne

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The center point of this hot sci-fi themed porn movie from the 1980s is a hardcore group orgy. Three different couples take up several different positions in the living room, baring their bodies - and their private parts - to one another. Two of the girls, both blonds, love to suck dick and spend most of the scene giving their men some delicious oral pleasure. The scene cuts from one to the other, comparing their similarly excellent blowjob techniques. On the other sofa, a horny brunette gets slammed right her tight pussy hole, fucked like crazy - her screams ring out and discipline the rest of the groans in the room.

Blond Sucks Cock While Friend Watches

Duration: 12m, 22s, Starring Annie Sprinkle, Lee Caroll, Lysa Thatcher, George Payne

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The main part of this 80s porn movie is when a stud, dressed completely in white, gets his cock sucked by a gorgeous blond. The big titty blond, her breasts only second in size to her enormous hair, eagerly gets down on the shaft as her man lies back in luxury. Another slim blond with short hair watches with interest, getting in close so she can examine the shaft as it slides in and out of the blond's mouth right up close. This blond really has fantastic oral skills and you can see her getting her lips right down to the tip of the balls - now that's deepthroat skill! She expertly sucks her man off into her wet mouth.

Sexy Lysa Has Her Pussy Licked Close Up

Duration: 7m, 4s, Starring Lysa Thatcher, R. Bolla

(1 Vote)

There are some incredible close-ups in this extremely hardcore pornographic video from the 80s. Beautiful blond Lysa Thatcher kicks off the clip by wrapping her scarlet lips around the engorged cock of her man. He's extremely well hung and his dick is erect to bursting point, made completely rigid by his lady's oral ministrations. Then, although she is eager to get fucked, Lysa spreads her legs and her man gets down on her hairy slit. He shows that his own oral abilities are just as good as his lady's and he tickles her to orgasm before he pounds her with his rigid member. You can see Lysa quivering as she climaxes.

Lysa Thatcher Gags On Three Stiff Cocks

Duration: 7m, 53s, Starring Lysa Thatcher, George Payne, Mal O'Rea, Michael Morrison

(1 Vote)

Blond oral slut Lysa Thatcher really knows how to party! This girl gets straight down to business, and there's no mucking around with a boring introductory sequence in this scene. Instead, we see perfect body and fertile Lysa down on all fours, squatting like a true whore as three guys gather around her and ram their cocks into her face. She suckles on one hard dick after the other, choking as the guys really get rough, fucking her throat. All three men drop a huge load on to Lysa's face, and she opens her mouth and sticks out her tongue, all the better to catch every drop of that sweet semen. She loves the taste and feel!

Dominant Female Finger Fucks Her Hot Man

Duration: 7m, 21s, Starring Annie Sprinkle, Mal O'Rea

(1 Vote)

This refreshing and unique fuck video from the 1980s definitely deviates from the normal formula. Dominant and voluptuous brunette Annie Sprinkle has her feet pleasured by good-looking blond stud Mal O'Rea. At first you'd think that Mal would be the classic kind of alpha male - that is, until you see Annie sticking three fingers inside his hairy anus! The filthy dominatrix even fucks his butt with a dildo, taking the sex toy out of his sphincter and inserting it straight in to Mal's mouth and teasing him to suck! He loves being mistreated by a dominant female, ejaculating into her outstretched hand at his mistress's command.

Amazing Seven Person Fuck And Suck Orgy

Duration: 3m, 52s, Starring Holly Page, Lee Caroll, Lynx Canon, Maria Tortuga, Ron Hudd

(Not Rated)

There's more than enough pussy to go around in this hardcore orgy video! Three extremely lucky guys get to share four hot cunts in this explicit group sex. At first two guys stand up as a slut kneels in front of each man, giving them excellent blow jobs. The third man sits back in the corner as two whores take on his pendulous member. Then all three bitches are getting fucked in an orgy of pussies and cocks, as the girls spread their legs and the guys take turns fucking their holes. You've got to love group sex like this - you get to try out multiple pussies at once! You're bound to find one horny slut who is willing to swallow!

Natural Redhead Bounces On A Stiff Prick

Duration: 3m, 13s, Starring Coral Cie, Tiffany Clark, George Payne

(1 Vote)

In this 80s fuck clip, a gorgeous redhead with bright red lipstick gets her pussy fucked by a sultry brunette. Most of the scene is taken up with close-ups either of the redhead's natural pussy - you can tell that she's a natural redhead by the colour of her pubic hair - or of her face, as she gets driven to multiple orgasms by her girlfriend. After her fiery pussy has been stretched out and well lubricated by this dildo action, we see her bouncing provocatively on top of a man's cock. We never get to see his face but he sure is well hung! He drops a fat load right inside the hairy hole. She gets exactly what she deserves!

Hillary Summers Sucks Herschel's Cock

Duration: 4m, 11s, Starring Hillary Summers, Herschel Savage

(Not Rated)

If you've been on the Internet for more than five minutes you've probably seen older stud Herschel Savage slamming many a gorgeous young beauty. Well, check out what Herschel look and acted like when he was a young man in this 80s porn classic! Herschel, sporting a full head of hair that is styled in to a black Afro, sits back and pulls down his jock strap as submissive blond fuck slut Hillary Summers kneels in between his thighs. Cutie Hillary even has a choker collar around her neck - a sign of her truly submissive status as a fuck slut! She slobbers all over Herschel's cock, getting it dripping wet and pumping it with one hand.

Lysa Spreads Her Legs And Begs For It

Duration: 8m, 34s, Starring Lysa Thatcher, R. Bolla

(1 Vote)

The beginning of this 80s hardcore vid see stunning blond Lysa Thatcher spreadeagled in front of her man R Bolla. Lysa is only wearing a pair of stockings, her hairy pussy completely on display as she exposes her groin to her man. She looks him directly in the eye as he removes his shirt and gets out his stiff cock - this filthy whore isn't going to take no for an answer! Her man rubs his bristling cock head up and down her pussy lips, enjoying the feeling of her stiff hairs on his prick. He slides the entire length up in to Lysa's cunt, slowly at first and then beginning to thrust with a pressure that drives her to multiple orgasms.

Awesome 80s Group Sex With Hot Close Ups

Duration: 5m, 35s, Starring Holly Page, Lee Caroll, Lynx Canon, Maria Tortuga, Tiffany Clark

(Not Rated)

Cock sucking and pussy fucking abounds in this awesome 80s orgy clip. At first we see a blond tart pairing off with two guys on the sofa, getting two hot mouthfuls of cock. As the camera pulls back we see an orgy in full swing, with a couple of different bitches bouncing on some stiff cocks and some more horny sluts sucking dick. There are a lot of close-up sequences in this erotic group sex movie, and you get to relish the tongue as it slides up and down the shaft and tickles the cock head. Towards the end of the movie there is some footage of one spectacular brunette with some amazing natural tits - these boobies are fucking enormous!

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