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Busty Vintage Harlot Billie Cox

Duration: 7m, 3s, Starring Billie Cox, John Wraith

(Not Rated)

Billie Cox is a busty vintage harlot who knows how to get what she wants, exactly when she wants it. She has a pair of great, busty natural tits which are so fun to play with that John Wraith almost doesn't get around to exploring her pussy. He does get to go down to that hairy wonderland, however, because he wants to play around in her sweet cunt and make sure that she is so worked up that she's not going to be able to do anything but scream in the extreme pleasure that he's unfolding on her.

Hairy Vintage Pussy Gets Deeply Fucked

Duration: 8m, 7s, Starring Marie, Ed Norton

(1 Vote)

Vintage porn isn't just a bit of porn history, it also goes to show you that people fuck just as wildly as they do today. The main difference with vintage porn is that all of the people on film have a genuine sexual chemistry with each other, since the consequences for getting caught making a video would be very severe. Marie and Ed Norton are a lusty couple who has always wanted to let their exhibitionist side come through without leaving their bedroom. With their videos they have finally managed it.

Hot Vintage Babe in Speculum Play

Duration: 7m, 41s, Starring Fernita, Dr. Pussy, Greg

(2 Votes)

Vintage medical fetish is one of those things you just don't see too often in old time porn. The medical equipment was a lot less advanced so it's not the most exciting kind of medical fetish, but you do get speculums in the mix. Fernita is a leggy, hot vintage porn amateur who is undergoing examination by Dr. Pussy. Her hairy pussy ends up getting a lot more than it was expecting when he starts licking it during the examination. I guess this is a hands on kind of examination that will make you hot as fuck.

Horny Vintage Porn Amateur in Sex Pile

Duration: 5m, 50s, Starring Maddie, Bear, Wyatt

(Not Rated)

There are some women in the vintage porn era who just never get enough dick. They want more and more until their pussies are overflowing and they are driven absolutely insane. Maddie is one of those ladies, she just spreads her legs and invites all the guys around for the threesome of a lifetime. She is so worked up that she wants them inside of her at the same time, and you can almost hear her pussy scream with pleasure at the thought of a naughty threesome like this vintage threesome. She cums so hard at the end.

Jenny Paleride in Vintage DP Threesome

Duration: 6m, 56s, Starring Jenny Palerider, Custer, Tal

(Not Rated)

Jenny Palerider is a lusty vintage whore who needs more than one dick to fill her up. She calls on Custer and Tal to take care of business for her. She spreads her legs out wide and invites these guys in for a ride on her hairy pussy express. She wants to have those dicks pound in super deep, making her scream, moan, and cum when they take stations, one on her pussy and the other on her ass. Before long she is groaning and moaning while taking the big dicking of her entire lifetime. Now that's hot.

Ava Scorch Sucks off Vintage CD

Duration: 6m, 4s, Starring Ava Scorch, Joe Ramone

(1 Vote)

Ava Scorch is a fiery redhead who was sucking and fucking way back in the day. She was all over Joe Ramone, offering up her titties and getting rather worked up. The reason he's kinky enough for her is that he's going full cross dress style. He has on a pair of vintage stockings and some other girlie outfits, enough that it drives Ava crazy. He does make sure to pay plenty of attention to her sweet natural tits, and spends more than enough time sucking on them that she just has to launch herself at his big dick.

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