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University Co-Eds Issue 31

Punky Blond Fucked on Motorcycle

Duration: 19m, 58s, Starring Kate Frost, Herschel Savage

(11 Votes)

Kate Frost is a cute blond coed with a bit of a punky side to her - and she is happy to admit that her wildest fantasy involves her getting fucked on top of a motorcycle. That's a damn fine fantasy to have, in my opinion, and Herschel Savage is stopping by to make it a reality. She plops her ass right on that bike, putting her legs up and letting him get a good, long look at her pussy. She really wants him to just slam the fuck out of her, her pussy getting wetter and wetter by the second. This fantasy makes her moan damn loud.

Freaky Amateur Fucked by Midget

Duration: 21m, 50s, Starring Sabrina Jade, Money Shot

(18 Votes)

It never fails - there's always some really fucked up chick that has always thought about fucking a midget. I mean how you go about arranging something like that I have no idea, but apparently they match up Sabrina Jade with Money Shot for this one, who is a crazy midget wearing a sweater, mask, and fedora. I don't ask questions, I just stroke my dick to all this, okay? She certainly goes crazy over getting her hands on midget dick, and does the entire scene wearing these kinky silk socks that go up to her knees.

Curly Haired Coed Trying Out Lesbian

Duration: 22m, 1s, Starring Ayla, Candy Estefana

(6 Votes)

The coeds are always the ones wanting to try out all sorts of freaky, kinky shit - and since they're always up for something new, it's no wonder that Candy Estefana decides to start to lick her friend's pussy to wake her up. Ayla certainly doesn't look like she minds at all - and this kind of thing is what goes on at all sorts of coed get together. This is a great scene if you love small tit lesbians - she is really sporting a nice little b cup rack that will get you sprung in two seconds, and to have both of them going at it - it's almost too much to bear.

Horny Coed Seduces Police Officer

Duration: 19m, 16s, Starring Daniella Rush, Chuck Martino

(12 Votes)

Daniella Rush has her own view of law enforcement - a view that has her going down to the station in a super short skirt and doing everything she can to knock Chuck Martino, the officer on duty, on his ass. All you really need to do is get a look at that sweet ass of hers for that, though. She's also after a bit of a suck and fuck - she's never had it in the police station, so she ends up bent over the desk, her stocking covered legs splayed out behind her while she's taking a policeman dick right in her cunt.

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