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What Kept Grandpa Up?

1930s Blowjob Gets Grandpa Hot

Duration: 5m, 58s, Starring Ethel, Paul Rooney

(Not Rated)

Have you ever wondered what type of porn your grandpa was watching back in the day? After video cameras were invented he probably watched something like this hot blowjob porn flick. Ethel is getting herself all riled up for Paul Rooney, going after that dick like she's starving for it. She takes that schlong deep down her throat and makes sure to get herself a good taste of dick before she goes ahead and takes him to a massive, shuddering orgasm. It's grainy as all hell but you see enough to make you appreciate the good old days.

Vintage Porn MMF Threesome in 1920s

Duration: 8m, 30s, Starring Mindy, Fish, Tom

(Not Rated)

Mindy is a rather opportunistic whore who is always in the mood for a fast and furious fuck. Today she's going to go ahead and get in one of the best pussy lickings she has ever experienced - the double pussy lick. She has Tom and Fish getting themselves buried deep inside of her ultra hairy pussy. It's one of the hottest things that she has ever experienced, and she keeps wanting more and more from the boys. She has her head half leaning out of the chair, moaning the loudest you'll hear in all of porn - it is damn hot.

Hot 20s Housewife Explores Sapphic Side

Duration: 9m, 40s, Starring Pam, Stacy

(Not Rated)

If there's one thing that would get you in a hell of a lot of trouble in the 1920s, it's having lesbian sex. That kind of thing was not really talked about and if your neighbors caught you doing it, you'd be in a world of hurt. Regardless these ladies made sure to film their adventures and explore the fine art of pussy licking. Pam and Stacy really enjoyed working their tongues deep inside those furry muffs and getting so hot and bothered that they orgasm over and over again for the camera. Now that's a damn hot scene.

Hot Groupsex from Vintage Porn Era

Duration: 9m, 35s, Starring Luna Lovewood, Muffy, Blaine, Herc

(1 Vote)

When video cameras were invented one of the first thing people just had to do was catch themselves getting naughty on camera. This is one of the earliest pornos around, from the 20s, and it features Luna Lovewood, Muffy, Herc, and Blaine having fun and getting nasty in front of it. It's hard to understand just how powerfully the video camera affected this foursome, simply because doing it on film was something barely anyone had done before. It's a very hot and heavy group sex scene that will leave you well satisfied.

The Most Skilled Blowjob Artist in 1920s

Duration: 7m, 9s, Starring Lindy, Tricky Dick

(Not Rated)

If you thought there wasn't plenty of hot sex back in the 20s, you're absolutely wrong - you just have to know where to look. This hot vintage porno features Lindy and Tricky Dick going at it, and Lindy is one of the most skilled blowjob artists that I've seen past or present. A large part of the allure certainly comes from the pure sexual chemistry that she has with him, along with the novelty of the camera for the girl. But there's so much raw, innate blowjob talent there it will make your head spin.

Oldest Porn Videos are Still Hot

Duration: 4m, 18s, Starring Lindy, Prudence, Tricky Dick

(Not Rated)

If there's one thing that amazes me about vintage porn, it's how hot the action is even when it's decades upon decades old. This video couldn't have been shot much later than the 30s but Lindy and Prudence are still drop dead gorgeous once they start with the fucking. Now they are a bit pudgier than your normal porn babe, but really it's a refreshing look at a real woman who isn't ashamed of a bit of a belly. Prudence works on her masturbation skills while Lindy makes Tricky Dick go fucking crazy.

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