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Women in Black 2 - Act 1

Duration: 16m, 25s, Starring Ayana Angel, Daisy Marie, Katie Morgan, TJ Cummings

(6 Votes)

Now this is a damn hilarious spoof - it's the porn version of the men in black. This time, though, it's Women In Black, played by Ayana Angel and Katie Morgan. They save a couple from an Alien then let TJ Cummings get down to business with Daisy Marie. They are covered in green space slim, but that doesn't stop them from licking each others bodies. Needless to say it was rather hot to watch Daisy get down and start sucking, her skinny heels digging down into the ground. I would personally be a bit worried at the aliens coming back, but they don't mind!

Women in Black 2 - Act 2

Duration: 17m, 15s, Starring Ayana Angel, Katie Morgan, Chuck Martino, Johnny Thrust

(8 Votes)

In this video it's time for busty ebony porn slut Ayana Angel to get a good fucking! She and her gorgeous partner, Katie Morgan, go to the office of a crooked gun dealer, holding him up at gunpoint and demanding answers. Busty Ayana leads Chuck Martino out to the back room, where she dominantly pushes him up against the wall and pulls down the struggling man's trousers. His enormous cock springs free, so she gets down on her knees and sucks it right down to the base with those beefy cocksucking lips! Then Chuck picks her up, laying her down on her back on the desk so that he can lick her black cunt before he fucks it.

Women in Black 2 - Act 3

Duration: 21m, 39s, Starring Flick Shagwell, Marc Cummings

(2 Votes)

A disgusting alien comes to earth and transforms it itself into the form of gorgeous redhead Flick Shagwell. The pretty babe hides in the barn of farmer Marc Cummings, who discovers her in the morning. After a moment's surprise he pounces on the naked young hottie, bending down so that he can lick her dripping cunt. Once she she's nice and juicy, Marc bends her over and drills her from the back, placing one hand dominantly on the back of her neck and slapping her butt with the other, thinking that he owns that young pussy! Flick has got to be one of the hottest young sluts ever in the porn industry - look at that body!

Women in Black 2 - Act 4

Duration: 29m, 17s, Starring Ayana Angel, Flick Shagwell, Katie Morgan, Alex Rox, Johnny Thrust

(6 Votes)

There's word that a bank heist is going down, so busty blonde Katie Morgan and her ebony partner Ayana Angel head off to the bank. Katie finds the bad guy, Alex Rox, just as he's about to break into the vault. She confronts him, and he's gutted that he misses out on all that cash. Katie is desperate for a good fuck, so she promises Alex that if he fucks her good, she will let him go. Of course, the promise of freedom and all that cash spurs Alex to new heights, and the muscular young buck really pounds the shit out of this busty babe. He ejaculates right down her throat and she swallows every drop of his hot jizz!

Women in Black 2 - Act 5

Duration: 17m, 56s, Starring Ayana Angel, Flick Shagwell, Katie Morgan, Johnny Thrust

(8 Votes)

Just as the alien villain Flick Shagwell is about to escape, Women In Black Ayana Angel and Katie Morgan save the day. They apprehend Flick and then engage in some filthy lesbian sex with her on the stairs! This stylized, lipstick lesbian clip will have you begging for more, with the sexy interracial duo bending Katie over and fucking her hole from the back with a huge dildo. Katie's got extremely attractive pussy lips, and her vagina is bright pink inside, and exceedingly wet! She gets plugged from the back and then all three girls take turns doing each other with a strap-on. This lesbian sex is fucking hot!

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